February 25, 2005

Invitation to a Cybercircle

Blogging has its own (dis)advantages. As for me, it was a good chance for finding new interlocutors, including dear Reza, to develop a dialogue on some theoretical terms and themes. We have already developed such a dialogue on ‘Love’ in this blog and now we are seeking new voices to pursue the process. Aside from this, there is a more specialized line and a more interesting location for the locution, a website named ‘hyperstition’ with Reza as its cofounder and contributor. Now, some words towards an introduction:

Hyperstition feeds its own researches back into its own micro-cultural productions. Its basic tool in this respect is 'pulp-theory/fiction hybridity' or Hyperstition (loosely defined as element of effective culture that makes itself real, through fictional quantities as time-traveling potentials towards attainment of ‘positive’ Unbelief.). Hyperstition blog has been emerged out of the cooperation between Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (or CCRU, known across the globe for its pioneering work on digital culture, cyber-studies and hyperstition engineering) and ‘Cold Me: The Anonymous Histories of Horror’ (a project exploring the xeno-chemistry of the Earth, religion, capitalism and the Net through the philosophy of Deleuze & Guattari, writings of H.P. Lovecraft, et al.)
Hyperstition is a collective project and an autonomous research group running on a global scale (China, Iran, UK, US) and moving through the philosophy of Deleuze & Guattari, H.P. Lovecraft, Pulp-horror, Cybernetic Culture, Inorganic Semiotics, Mechonomics (operational studies of flat numerical pragmatics), Hyperstitions, Islamic Apocalypticism, Mesopotamian and Semitic studies, Occultural and Techno-capitalist Theories, Experimental Fiction, Media Theories, Machinic Materialism, and War on/of Terror.
Contributors at Hyperstition:
Nick Land (cofounder of Hyperstition; former lecturer at Warwick University, author of the highly acclaimed book ‘The Thirst for Annihilation: Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism’; cofounder of CCRU)
Reza Negarestani (cofounder of Hyperstition; Iranian writer and theorist, founder of Cold Me)
Mark Fisher (cofounder of Hyperstition; aka K-punk; critic and theorist, cofounder of CCRU)
Anna Greenspan (theorist, cofounder of CCRU)
Robin Mackay (aka Undercurrent; translator, philosopher and artist)
Steve Goodman (aka Kode9; theorist, DJ, professor of sonic culture at the University of East London; cofounder of CCRU)
David Porush (media theorist and writer, executive director of SUNY environment learning projects, director and cofounder of Electronic Media Arts Program and Artificial Intelligence Research Lab at Rensseler Polytechnic Institute, author of the influential book ‘Soft Machine: The Cybernetic Fiction’)
Craig Slee (writer)
Linda Trent (researcher)

Also, for a more detailed introduction on Hyperstition, click here

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Blogger R مي نويسد:

Dear Payam, many thanks for the kind words and posting this.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous مي نويسد:

Thanks for your proposition. It is an attractive site, although it seems to me too specialized ...

6:37 PM  
Blogger R مي نويسد:

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8:46 PM  
Blogger R مي نويسد:

PS. Both Robin and Steve are also the co-founders of CCRU (www.ccru.net)

+ For anyone interested in a short background, there is also this text in French: http://www.fluctuat.net/blog/article.php3?id_article=659

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Julio S. Alvarez مي نويسد:

What a excellent repertoire! I think I can learn many things from there. Sir, thank you for introducing this cyber-school. Kind regards.

11:47 PM  
Anonymous your friend مي نويسد:

Hi, Payam. It's very wonderful. But what a khafan (!) English! Thanks my dear.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous مي نويسد:

سلام - من تا حالا دو مرتبه عکسها رو براتون فرستاده‌ام شاید داخل باک رفته باشه (bulk mail)
می‌تونید اونجا رو چک کنید ولی به هر حال منصوره مجددا براتون می‌فرسته.

1:21 PM  

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